LIDAR stands for light detection and ranging, it is an active form of remote sensing. It provides high end 3D point clouds with georeferenced. LIDAR is very accurate and precise technology which uses laser pulse to strike the object like it can penetrate through leaves of tree and get the point information (XYZ). Laser-based technology enables the production of georeferenced 3D point clouds 3D points are generated when laser pulses scan the terrain surface and record the time and intensity of the return signal to use as the raw input for each 3D point The 3D points are post-processed to generate digital elevation models of bare earth and surface features

Lidar Applications are in

1. Micro-Topography
2. Power line
3. Precision Forestry
4. Urban Municipality

5. Transport Planning

6. Flood Model

We deliver various outputs using LiDAR such as Point cloud, Digital Elevation Models, 3D models, and features