A drone is mainly used in the construction industry for surveying and inspection purposes. Drones are equipped with downward-facing sensors, such as RGB, multispectral, thermal or LIDAR, and they can capture a great deal of aerial data in a short time. On a construction site, there is always a contractor, an engineering company, an earthmoving company and a number of subcontractors to execute specialized work. In addition to involving a lot of teams, deadlines are tight and require frequently-updated records to drive decisions and align multiple stakeholders. This is where a major advantage of drones lies for construction site managers. Drones provide a complete picture of the construction site on-demand and within a few hours

Aerial Intelligence for Construction

Drone data enable construction Companies to improve earthwork projects with fast and frequent survey grade accurate data

Survey Grade Accuracy Data Achieve

1. Survey-grade data faster and frequently from a single location

2. Perform cut-fill calculations for real time grade management

3. Contractor can quickly draw L-Section and cross section to evaluate any changes along slopes

Capture the site

1. Data in real time with Live map which can export into GIS, AutoCAD platform

2. Smarter, faster and more accurate way to plan earthwork jobs

3. Reduce unplanned costs of accurately evaluating earthwork

Post – Construction Site Planning

1. Visualize sites in 3D and improve the project planning

 2. Evaluate the deviations on site by comparing actual condition and site planning

3.  Keep your project on track with high resolution maps and 3D Models

Site Analysis Without having to walk

1. Improve Coordination with your team and subcontractors using Visual record of Site Conditions

2. Technically analyze the site from a single work space

3. Save the time and mitigate risks without walking dangerous areas

Grading and Drainage Plan

Allows project manager to import design plans to verify progress

Data Export option allows surveyors to perform detailed analysis in the third party softwares

Engineering plan(As built Diagram) & Base map updating