Truegeo Aero Tech Pvt LTD was established in 2015 and is headquartered in Madurai, India. Our service capabilities adopt a fully integrated approach. In an industry where intellectual capital/property is important, Truegeo Aero Tech Pvt LTDs has ensured that it has staff experienced and skilled in essential service areas, such as Systems Design, Development and Implementation, Project Management, Hardware and Software Deployment, Construction, GIS mapping &Survey, Drone Mapping, Digital Image Processing and Photogrammetric processing with well equipped with high end work stations with 3D capabilities of capturing data and mapping.

Truegeo Aero Tech Pvt LTD is committed to providing the highest quality technology, custom development, product support, and unmatched services to the entire geographic community. We pledge to always conduct ourselves as good corporate and global citizens by maintaining professionalism and integrity at all levels of the organization while bringing value and innovation that will separate our company from the competition.

We believe that success is accomplished through Commitment, Discipline, Integrity, Innovation, Teamwork and Professionalism. Our many years of experience and innovation have allowed us to expand into new era by offering leading-edge technological services and consistent forward thinking approach in servicing our customers.

Truegeo Aero Tech Pvt LTD specializes in geographic data mapping and land management tools, using cutting edge technologies to deliver consistent results that help organizations run more efficient, reduce overhead, and attain critical information. As a consultancy firm, we have the flexibility to offer various professional services and support though a single source, providing our clients with the one on one communication needed to complete projects on time and within budget. Contact us for details on what tailored solution will fit your organization’s needs.