1. Line map of the project area showing flight lines.

2. Project boundaries.

3. Control point locations and identification numbers.

4. Description of Ground Control Points with coordinates.

5.Estimates the horizontal and vertical accuracy of Ground Control Points.

6. Camera calibration report

7. Technical specifications

Aerial Triangulation (AT) is an essential part of any successful photogrammetry project. Accurate offers complete softcopy aerial triangulation services, providing highly accurate control for the map production. Digital images are uploaded into softcopy workstations. The airborne GPS coordinates and the ground survey control points are used to control the triangulation solution. Accurate utilizes Inpho’s match at software and Leica Photogrammetry Suite to perform aerial triangulation computations and analysis. The selection of AT software is dependent upon the size of the project and client requests. Accuracy of the AT will be verified by the inclusion of checkpoints with the values withheld in the adjustment and later verified in the final results.